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Installation and configuration of Network Systems, Cloud Backup Systems, VoIP, CCTV, Digital Security, Digital Video, GSM & CDMA, PayTV and Power Distribution.

Digital Blue line
Accessories/Tools   Couplers/Taken/TAPS   Amplifiers/Boosters
Diplexers/ Mixers/Combiners   Antennas UHF Digital HDTV   Connectors/Amendments
Modulators   Antennas VHF   Remote Control Extenders
Splitters   Attenuators/Blockers   Connectors/Amendments
    Rack Collective Systems   Remote Control Extenders
  Internet / Digital City line
Grid Antennas   Omni directional Antennas   Sectorial Antennas
Cables   Connectors   Digital Station
Plates   USB Station   Wireless Station
  Cellular and WLAN Rural line
Antennas   Cables   Complete Kit Portable Wireless
Adapter Kit   Cell Phone Repeater   Portable Wireless
  Pay TV line
Accessories/Tools   Amplifiers   Antennas
Attenuators/Blockers   Connectors   Divisors/Diplexers/Combiners
Remote Control Extenders   Modulators   Racks
Tomas/Keys   Traps  
The Best On-Premises & Cloud Backup Software
  Ashay Backup Software
Fully automated   256-bit encryption on data & channel
Incremental backup   Centralized web management console
Flexible scheduling   >Continuous Data Protection
Multi-tenancy   Rebrandable for MSPs
HFC (Hybride Fiber and Coaxial Connectivity)   Fiber blowing and Splicing (FTTB and ISP Fiber Entry)
LAN/WAN Solutions   VSAT
Security Services (Access Control CCTV)   Wimax Base Station Installation
Hotspot Solutions   Power Back-up Solutions
Electric Fencing   Addressable Fire Systems i.e. Smoke Detectors
Lattice Mast and Self Standing Towers   Packet Radio Connectivity
VoIP PABX installation and configuration   Cloud VoIP and SIP extensions
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